Monday, December 14, 2009

RYUJI FORTUNA : The Chosen One

I've known Ryuji Fortuna since he joined the Mr. Campus Face  in 2006. He emerged as   the runner up to Spark Ding who bagged the title.  Since then, I was really eager to collaborate with him for a photo shoot.  Who wouldn't want right? He's one of the cutest faces you will see in the modelling industry. It's really a no surprise if you will be seeing his face among top TVC and print campaigns like Smart Buddy, Smart Rewards, Coca-Cola, BDO and more. 

Finally, when I did Project NaNiVoN last year, I had a chance to work with this cutie after two (2) long years of waiting. It was indeed a pleasure having him in my project. Not only that he was one of my chosen models, he also did the graphic designs of the teasers and posters of the project. He also surprised me by doing the launching video of Project NaNiVoN. Thank you so much Ryuji for all the BIG help you did during Project NaNiVoN. It wouldn't be the same without your help.

Official Project NaNiVoN Photos by Photographers 

Makeup Styling by NANAN VILLALBA 
Hair Styling by GEORGE DELFIN
Accessories by ESTRELLAS
Graphics Design by SWORD CRAFT
Model of Project NaNiVoN : RYUJI FORTUNA


  1. You did a great job, I love this look, the makeup is just so clean. Well, I am just another girl who wants to be like you. Kick ass MUA. I am a friend of Benj.

    1. Thanks much April for appreciating my work! Keep on visiting my blog for updates.